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Small Businesses Supported by SecondAid

The list illustrates the type of businesses in need, the materials we supplied and how little start-up capital is typically required.

Type of Business

Items provided

Typical Cost per Business

Lagoon fishermen

Knives, casting nets


Tree and wood choppers

Axes, ropes, saws



Wood planers, drills



Trowels, plumb



Plumbing equipment


Bicycle repair shop

Pumps, tools, supplies



Sewing machines


Firewood dealer

Axe, start capital for supplies


Hardware dealers

Bed frames, racks, stands


Photo studio

Photo frames and framing equipment


Building supply shop

Wheelbarrows, cement, sand


Fish merchants

Bicycles, containers


Food stand

Food steamer set for “string hoppers”


Food stand

Saucepans, pots


Fruit and vegetable vendors

Weighing scales, knives, start capital for supplies


Ice-cream vendor

Bicycle, cooling box


Snack vendor

Wooden cart, stove, supplies


secondaid | zweitehilfe donationssecondaid | zweitehilfe contactsecondaid | zweitehilfe home